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Xiangtan Hongyang "home decoration night talk" was successful again in the third quarter

the "home decoration night talk" series of public welfare lectures organized by Xiangtan Hongyang (Hongyang home accessories) have been successfully held twice, attracting many owners, which can be described as remarkable achievements. With the previous successful experience, the third home decoration public welfare lecture with the theme of "living room, leisure and design" held on the evening of August 4 was, of course, another success without suspense

it seems that in an instant, high-rise buildings have replaced low bungalows and high-end residential areas have replaced unit tube buildings. The rapid economic development has brought significant improvements in living conditions. At the same time, it also brings an undeniable fact: many people are busy like machines in bustling cities, walking in a hurry to forget the essence of life, neglecting rest, family and communication, and their homes are gradually no different from hotels. To this end, Xiangtan Hongyang has carefully prepared this lecture with the theme of "bedroom, leisure and design", so that all owners can relax, release themselves and find their own taste life under the leadership of Li Ming, a senior designer of Xiangtan Hongyang

at the beginning of the lecture, Li Ming said sincerely, "our life requires us to slow down and savor it like tea and coffee." He threw out a series of questions to make the owners think about real life, and asked them to express their feelings and understandings about life, and then based on these feelings and understandings and combined with actual cases, he carefully analyzed how to reserve their own leisure space in the bedroom for the owners, and conveyed to the owners what is the essence of life - returning to the Oriental people's own pace of life, and creating a place for themselves and their families to enjoy peace, nourishment, rest, leisure, enlightenment Think of the living environment. Aiming at the functional positioning of leisure space, Li Ming made it clear that the design of all leisure spaces is not the same, but to tap into the deep-seated needs of customers and customize them. In order to make the owners better understand, he also cited examples: for example, the leisure balcony in Napa Valley, some decorated as a small tea room, some decorated as a reading and leisure room, and others decorated as an entertainment and leisure space. It is also a small balcony. Different owners, different lifestyles and lifestyles have different designs. Li Ming's clear thinking and in-depth analysis and explanation made the owners have a strong resonance and nodded their heads

some owners couldn't help sighing after listening to the lecture: "I didn't think about leaving a leisure space at home before. Now I want to come. Assuming there is a comfortable tea drinking space at home, it must be a very pleasant thing to come home from work to make a pot of tea and sit down and chat with my family." Xiangtan Hongyang meticulously organized this "bedroom leisure design" public welfare lecture, which gave the owners a deeper understanding of home decoration. At the same time, it also deeply aroused their longing for "leisure space in the bedroom" and the desire to taste life. Watching the owners leave with satisfaction and the busy staff smiling, what can make people happier than customer satisfaction





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