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Brief introduction of bimet liquid wallpaper project:

China's largest liquid wallpaper manufacturer, China's top ten liquid wallpaper brands, and the only wallpaper paint manufacturer in Fujian Province &mdash& mdash; Fuzhou bimet liquid wallpaper sincerely invites agents in blank areas across the country. Franchise Tel.: 0591-83582173 13290818716 join qq:1370292831, official website:

Fuzhou bimet environmental protection products Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the R & D, production, marketing and design and decoration services of new materials such as chemical products and water-based coatings. As a new environmental protection technology enterprise, our company developed “ Bimet ” Series of products require continuous upgrading on the basis of environmental protection. Enterprises use the promotion of electronic and newspaper media, adopt unified management, unified price and unified service, and strive to build our company “ Bimet ” Wall art paint. Since its establishment, with the help of all sectors of society and the joint efforts of all employees of the company, the performance of the company has achieved rapid development. The products of the company have been sought by the majority of consumers, and the product network has spread all over the country, with more than 500 agents. The company has product R & D center, production base, marketing and promotion center, information service center, logistics distribution center and other main functional departments

you may want to ask &mdash& mdash;

I. is this construction technology difficult to learn? A: it's not difficult. Normal people can learn it in two or three days. As long as they are interested, our manufacturer will learn it

II. How to guide manufacturers to do marketing a: all friends who come to our company for inspection, our company will completely guide you to do marketing step by step, and accompany you to any building materials store, decoration company, face-to-face communication with building materials store owners, decoration company owners, designers, take you to know your future partners, and teach you various marketing methods face-to-face

how much profit does the liquid wallpaper project have

you can calculate that for an ordinary house (a normal house of 100 square meters requires 150 square meters of walls to be constructed, and 28 yuan per square meter is 4200 yuan. For those who can afford a house of 100 square meters and want to decorate the walls beautifully and in a high-end way, this price is definitely exciting. The cost of 4200 yuan of project funds is almost 780 yuan (including labor costs), with a net profit of more than 3400 yuan, )This is just an ordinary house, and some very rich high-end customers we have high-priced and high-grade products to meet them. Which ordinary house is more than 20000 yuan. There can be 20000 profits in more than 20000 yuan, and the cost is just a mantissa. A decoration company will normally introduce three customers to us in a month. How many decoration companies are there in your local area (there are 1000 in each medium-sized city), how many building materials stores are there, how many houses you have to pick up in a month, how much money you can earn in a month, and at the same time, there are many hotel bosses who are afraid of traditional wallpaper and will easily accept liquid wallpaper, A large hotel has an area of fourorfive square meters. Taking fivethousand square meters as an example, a set of hotels has a profit of at least onehundredthousand

the largest professional manufacturer of liquid wallpaper in China and the top ten brands of liquid wallpaper in China &mdash& mdash; At present, Fuzhou bimet liquid wallpaper has successfully supported nearly 500 agents in the country to start a business successfully. Join phone: 0591-83582173 13290818716 join qq:1370292831

Company Address: No. 28, BaiHuaZhou Road, Jinshan Pushang Industrial Zone, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City

at the beginning of this year, some businessmen in Guangzhou began to notice that just when some families were still proud of the flat and smooth walls in home decoration, a kind of “ Liquid wallpaper ” Artistic paint with three-dimensional expressiveness has begun to be welcomed by families who pursue fashion and taste, bringing a strong trend of making money to relevant businesses. Wallpaper and paint are popular indoor wall decoration materials, which have their own advantages and disadvantages: wallpaper has rich patterns and colors, but it is easy to peel, crack, and not easy to decontaminate; The paint is clean, smooth and easy to clean, but it lacks three-dimensional sense, artistic pattern, monotonous color, etc. And the new “ Liquid wallpaper ” Materials and process innovations are integrated into the paint, so that rich three-dimensional effects and color patterns can be made to meet the different artistic needs of different families for exotic customs, nostalgic classics, national characteristics, personalized fashion or self created patterns

“ Liquid wallpaper ” It is better than traditional wallpaper and paint. It has seamless connection, no fading, no peeling, no cracking, and is highly self-cleaning and easy to clean. Natural synthetic materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also can produce different visual effects from different perspectives and different light sources, resulting in uneven three-dimensional artistic effects& ldquo; At present, such products have just been launched, and the profit margin of their distribution or construction is very large& rdquo;

market competition analysis of bimet liquid wallpaper:

China's largest liquid wallpaper manufacturer, China's top ten liquid wallpaper brands, and the only wallpaper paint manufacturer in Fujian Province &mdash& mdash; Fuzhou bimet liquid wallpaper sincerely invites agents in blank areas across the country. Join in Tel.: 0591-83582173 join in qq:1370292831

1. The market advantage of wallpaper paint

1. The varieties and patterns of wallpaper in the hands of designers are very limited, and the form of expression is monotonous. The majority of consumers very much hope to have more colorful colors and patterns to decorate the space

2. Personalized decoration has been in “ Light decoration, heavy decoration ” The introduction of urban boutique houses is the best embodiment of the popularity of home decoration, and the personalized performance of paint is more prominent, such as TV background wall, children's room, study, etc. nearly 90% of every 10 owners want to make their home decoration unique and different, reflecting different decoration styles and connotations

3. All kinds of hotels, villas, bars, discos, tea houses, bath cities, etc. are newly built and renovated every year, and wallpaper paint is popular with rich forms of expression and has a broad market prospect

4. There is no professional wallpaper paint dealer, that is, there is no competitor. At present, there are very few intermediaries in the market who professionally provide wallpaper paint products and services, and the market is very blank. As an entrepreneur, choosing a product without competition has been half the success

5. Wallpaper paint is a professional with rich construction technology. After construction with special materials through professional construction tools and according to different processes, it reflects the patterns and patterns specified by customers on the attachments. It uses rich and colorful forms to express appeals, reflect ideas, highlight personality, and achieve the effect of artistic decoration

II. Market promotion of wallpaper paint

1. Promote wallpaper paint varieties to designers of home decoration companies through business personnel, advertising and other means, promise professional services, supplemented by interest temptation, and get the recognition and joint cooperation of designers

2. Designer of home decoration company. Professional decoration designers are indispensable to the promotion of wallpaper paint. When the designer and the owner determine the decoration style and start the design, in order to reflect the design concept, highlight the design style, and at the same time, for their own interests, the rich and colorful wallpaper paint is either embellished or highlighted personality, integrated into the design pattern, and communicated with the owner: the uniqueness, function, cost, personality embodiment of wallpaper paint, etc., in order to obtain the approval of the owner

3. Wallpaper paint Construction: because the Engineering Department of the home decoration company does not have the materials and tools required for wallpaper paint construction, and there are no professional construction personnel, the engineering department hands it over to the wallpaper paint middleman to complete it. The middleman can respond quickly after receiving the task, and the home wallpaper paint construction can be completed within 1-2 days after receiving the drawings

III. market capacity of wallpaper paint and early-stage investment

analyze the market capacity of wallpaper paint before preparing for investment: Take Fuzhou as an example: since the paint required for decoration is 100 million (including engineering paint outside home decoration), it is assumed that 90% of customers use wallpaper paint through promotion, that is, 90 million. According to the proportion of 10-30% of the decoration share of wallpaper paint, there is a market capacity of 9-27 million. If the market share reaches more than 50% quickly, there will be 4.5 ~ 13.5 million sales. Because there are few competitors in the early stage, the profit margin can reach more than 50%, and the annual gross profit is estimated to be between 2.25 ~ 6.75 million. Compared with ordinary paint varieties, if there is a sales volume of 4.5 ~ 13.5 million, the gross profit margin is only about 20%. Due to fierce competition, the corresponding market cost remains high, and the annual net profit may be only about 10%, that is, 450 ~ 1.35 million. The benefits are huge. The key lies in preconceived ideas, making a big hit, and quickly occupying more than 50% of the market share. The initial investment includes the following projects:

1, exhibition rooms and office space. If you have sufficient funds, you can consider renting a facade room in the area where home decoration companies are concentrated. On the contrary, you can rent an ordinary office space, which is generally required to be more than 50 square meters, and 70% of the area is used to display the template of wallpaper paint. The template is required to be very representative, and other areas are used for office and light business

2. Warehouse and stock up. There are many kinds of wallpaper paint materials and tools, but the quantity of a single variety is small. The warehouse can be placed by number at multiple levels and input into the computer for management and search. The stocking requirements depend on the size of the agent's area

3. Promotion personnel. 2-4 professional promoters, mainly for designers of home decoration companies, with a salary of base salary + commission

4. Advertising. There are mainly several aspects: wallpaper paint exhibition book; Fashion decoration magazines and home decoration editions of newspapers; The investment of expenses should be slowly invested in the profits according to the business progress, so as to eliminate the business risk,

5. Engineering department. At least 2 main construction technicians are required,

China's largest liquid wallpaper manufacturer, China's top ten liquid wallpaper brands, and the only wallpaper paint manufacturer in Fujian Province &mdash& mdash; Fuzhou bimet liquid wallpaper sincerely invites agents in blank areas across the country. Join phone: 0591-83582173 join qq:1370292831, official website:

Company Address: No. 28, BaiHuaZhou Road, Jinshan Pushang Industrial Zone, Cangshan District, Fuzhou





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