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With the rapid development of the door and window industry, some problems such as vicious low price competition and homogenization in the door and window market have become increasingly prominent. After careful consideration, we can find that the door and window industry is walking on the old road of the floor industry

as we all know, the development of the flooring industry is far earlier than that of the door and window industry, and has experienced the stage of cognition, development, prosperity and heyday. At present, we have to admit that most brands have entered the recession stage. And those enterprises without brand influence don't have much time and space opportunities

then why has the flooring industry experienced such a development track

can door and window brand enterprises draw inspiration and reference from it

flooring is generally divided into two categories: solid wood flooring and laminate flooring. Of course, there are other niche category markets, such as plastic flooring, antistatic flooring, tile flooring, etc. The great development period of flooring has experienced two things at the same time. One is that China's real estate market is in full swing; First, the floor is derived from pure solid wood to reinforced composite and solid wood composite products. At this stage, both national brands and local brands are running around and setting fires everywhere! Everyone lives extremely moist, whether manufacturers or agents. However, in the later stage of development, the industry began to change quietly. First, the decoration market began to mature, and second, some manufacturers began strong brand operation, which also laid the foundation for the brand pattern of the overall flooring market in the future. In brief, what happened in this process can be summarized as the key points of the following five development processes: first, barbaric growth; Second: brand operation; Third: no differentiation; Fourth: vicious low price competition; Fifth: alternative products appear

analyze what happened at these key points. In the barbaric growth stage, some manufacturers, at most, hit as many as five brands at the same time, instantly increasing sales and seizing the market, but the problem is that the manufacturers simply don't have so many resources to maintain and support the growth and development of each sub brand, so after the feast, there are chicken feathers. But at the same time, some national brands and local brands that are still developing very well at present have accelerated the construction and influence of main brands while making money, and finally abandoned them in time, concentrated on the core brands, improved the profitability of franchisees, and began the road of brand operation

what can door and window brand enterprises learn from it

the floor can have inventory, but the door and window brand enterprises do not, which is also an advantage and a disadvantage. At present, why the door and window brand enterprises do not enter the white hot competition stage as quickly as the floor industry, this is also a main reason. The periodicity of the production and service of customized products determines that their production must be carried out according to orders, and they cannot blindly expand production capacity or inventory. But at the same time, it may not develop as fast as the floor. However, door and window enterprises can learn from the standardized production of the floor industry. Although it is difficult, this is the only way for an enterprise to finally develop

because the production of flooring is relatively simple, many manufacturers can focus most of their energy on marketing. Therefore, the marketing and brand building of flooring brands are worth learning from our door and window industry, including product selling point mining, channel incentive mechanism, training mechanism, management system and star hype. Today, only in that period did we pay attention to the brand and promote the brand to a high-level flooring enterprise, Only in this way can we still have strong competitiveness and vitality in the current market

in terms of positioning, flooring brands are also doing very well. There are also some imported brands. They all have clear brand positioning and constantly spread their brand personality. Finally, each brand has found its corresponding consumer group, and has been recognized and recognized. However, the brands in the door and window industry have been lack of positioning. Some brands with foresight have just begun to position themselves. Although they are a little late than the floor, they are also great opportunities in the industry

flooring brands pay more attention to the height and unity of image, including plane image, store decoration image, etc. when a brand gradually expands its channels and influence, these images and norms with a unified height become very important, which is also a process of brand precipitation and accumulation. Therefore, doors and windows and the overall household brand must do these jobs well in the early stage. Don't wait until the enterprise has developed. In that way, it will undoubtedly waste a lot of valuable time and opportunities, and the gains outweigh the losses. The above are some good places for brands in the flooring industry, which are worth learning from door and window enterprises. Of course, there are also aspects that need to be avoided

what aspects should the door and window industry avoid

the first is low price competition. Due to the serious homogenization of products and the serious saturation of market supply mentioned above, low price competition has become the only market strategy of some second and third tier brands, and the profits have been declining, so that the most basic product quality can not be guaranteed

the multi brand operation has brought benefits to the factory in the short term, but it is a poison in the medium and long term. Therefore, when the door and window brand operates the sub brand, it must see whether its own resources and opportunities match, and also consider whether the differentiation of the brand itself can be formed and whether it will bring resistance to dealers in the same city. Don't expand blindly to occupy the market for a while

but these will be flattened and solved in the whole process of market development. Therefore, door and window enterprises must establish their industry status as soon as possible in the current market with industry opportunities, so that they can not fall behind or be eliminated by the market in the near future

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