N rules for smart spending on bathroom decoration

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choosing and matching bathroom materials is the most expensive work of bathroom decoration, and it is a substantive key link into decoration

the biggest difference from other space decoration is that it has a lot of materials to choose from. In the past, hand washing stations that can play a role in construction are now provided with a large number of finalized products. The success or failure of bathroom decoration depends on the selection and collocation of materials. The first thing to consider is whether the specific space size is suitable for it. If it is too large, it will be crowded, and if it is too small, it will affect the use; Secondly, function, color and shape; In addition, we should choose according to the scope of the original budget, and do not be affected by the advertising of the business. Otherwise, as soon as we are hot headed, choosing a sanitary ware can exceed the original budget of the whole bathroom decoration

there are two ways: first, the material, color, shape, price and grade should be consistent and harmonious; Second, on the contrary, a large number of materials choose some very simple materials, such as ceramic tiles on walls and floors. The highlights are made of materials with very unique and expensive shapes (the output of this product is relatively small, and rare things are expensive), such as faucets, sanitary ware, etc., which create a visual impact through strong contrast to brighten people's eyes and produce a personalized aesthetic feeling. In today's popular discount market, we should make sure that we don't buy on impulse because the price is cheap. Now, in order to win market share, some big brands will produce one or two products with good shape in large quantities, and their prices are relatively cheap at retail. Because of their large sales volume and high function and quality, the creation of personality can be reflected through the decoration of walls and floors. Bathroom decoration materials are mainly divided into: A, ground, wall body; b. Sanitary ware; c. Faucet; d. Smallpox; e. Hanging accessories; f. Lighting. There are a large number of materials and styles to choose from in every aspect, so the selection and finalization cannot be rushed

the quality of construction is also an important factor affecting the effect

there are differences due to different construction methods and different construction units, but the construction cannot be simplified at will, especially the concealed project, the pipe laying project of water coming and going, such as water pipes and their accessories joints, etc. in the selection of construction units, we can compare many, investigate more and finalize

in terms of smart spending on bathroom decoration, we should bear in mind that simplifying costs is not our ultimate goal, and creating an ideal space effect is our goal. The funds saved in some projects can be used in more demanding projects, just as good steel is used in the blade, so can we create infinite space effect under limited resource conditions. For example, if we can use 50% of the funds to achieve 80% effect, we should not use 100% of the funds to achieve 90% effect, Everything has the best of both worlds. When it cannot be achieved at one time, there should be room for change. For example, faucets and sanitary ware. The current connectors are all international standards. It is not too late to change them when there are satisfactory products or economic permits. Finally, we should treat bathroom decoration as a kind of happy consumption, a process of enjoying life, rather than busy and cumbersome work. Naturally, it will be easy. Remember: what you spend money should buy back is joy





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