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Decent American lift window and intelligent breathing window will be on the market soon

pay attention to health | intelligent bridge breaking window that can breathe

"Intelligent breathing window refers to a healthy, low-carbon, environment-friendly, safe and intelligent product that combines modern acoustics, electronics, ventilation technology, architectural aesthetics and energy-saving doors and windows. Intelligent breathing window can automatically identify the smoke, alcohol, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, formaldehyde, ozone and other dirty air in the indoor air that exceeds the standard, and intelligent ventilation without opening the window for 24 hours can maintain indoor fresh air and improve air quality. It is people's pursuit of health Kang space life, green technology products. "

the importance of scientific ventilation

with the increasingly stringent requirements of global building energy conservation, the tightness of office and residential environment is getting better and better. Relying only on natural ventilation and window ventilation can not meet people's requirements for indoor air quality IAQ air quality

domestic and foreign experts have investigated the indoor air quality of different buildings and found that about 53% of the indoor air in buildings has quality problems. Some residential and office environments cannot realize air convection after opening windows, and indoor air is constantly polluted

in the dirty air, there is not only less oxygen and more carbon dioxide, but also dust, bacteria and harmful gases. The concentration of cations is several times to dozens of times higher than outdoor. People living in poorly ventilated rooms will feel dizzy, depressed, and may even suffer from respiratory diseases such as colds

open windows for ventilation and face outdoor dust. Suspended particles in the air and car noise can enter the room without blocking, seriously affecting people's health and their rest and work. If it is windy, rainy, sandstorm or heavily polluted outdoor weather, windows cannot be opened for ventilation

in the case of a closed room, the oxygen in the room is limited. Due to human respiration, oxygen is consumed and all of it is converted into carbon dioxide, which reduces the amount of oxygen in the room and increases the composition of carbon dioxide, resulting in people's poor breathing and affecting the quality of sleep. The average person will exhale 20 liters of carbon dioxide per hour, accounting for 4% of the total exhaled gas, while the content of carbon dioxide in fresh air is 0.03 ~ 0.04%. If the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeds 0.1%, it is a slight pollution. Therefore, long-term closed indoor in winter will lead to poor air quality and affect the respiratory tract of residents and even the health of the whole body. Scientific ventilation is very important

introduction to the function of intelligent breathing broken bridge window

the product positioning of intelligent breathing window is based on the decoration pattern of healthy space, derived from the real experience of people's pursuit of healthy life, and integrates the solutions to the three major problems of energy waste, noise and pollutants of opening windows and ventilation into the product, so that you can truly feel the healthy environment of intelligent breathing window and space. The distinctive advantages are:

I Health is reflected in air quality: the induction system used by the intelligent breathing window can intelligently detect indoor smoke, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, ozone, peculiar smell and other harmful gases, and quickly feed back the data to the intelligent module for calculation and evaluation, and then the intelligent module sends instructions to the exhaust system to control the air volume and discharge the harmful air outside. At the same time, the principle of air negative pressure balance is used to introduce outdoor fresh air into the room through air filters, wind pressure buffers, noise dampers and other equipment, so as to form large circulating air convection without direct blowing, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying indoor air without opening windows

second, safety intelligence is reflected in the design: the intelligent breathing window adopts the original 12 volt low-voltage power supply system to form a large circulating air convection, which can realize the purpose of purifying indoor air without opening the window, and effectively ensure the safety of users. The design of ventilation without opening windows can not only prevent outdoor dust, rain, snow, sand, insects, suspended solids, etc. from invading the room, keep the room clean, but also effectively reduce the transmission of noise and increase the comfort of indoor space. The intelligent breathing window only needs to be set once, and the intelligent module can automatically control the dynamic breathing intensity and natural breathing at night to meet people's health requirements for air quality. Tianyi starfish successfully solved the problem of high-speed motor noise, making the motor less than 32dB under normal operation, and truly realizing the silent mode

third, energy conservation and environmental protection are reflected in the cost: the core component of the intelligent breathing window adopts an independently developed intelligent control system, with a total power of 4.6w. Even if it operates 24 hours a day, the power consumption is only 0.11 degrees, which has become a model of energy conservation for products in the industry. Its independent research and development of vertical design with window columns as ventilation ducts not only conforms to architectural aesthetics, but also perfectly solves the problem of air cross circulation according to the principle of atmospheric flow mechanics, truly realizes the design concept of ventilation and intelligent breathing without opening windows, effectively reduces the energy loss of heating in winter and air conditioning and cooling in summer caused by opening windows, and achieves the purpose of low-carbon environmental protection and energy conservation. The construction industry is developing towards the era of "intelligence and health", and the intelligent breathing window conforms to the industrial development trend

introduction to the principle of intelligent breathing

according to the principle of atmospheric flow mechanics, mechanical ventilation and negative pressure air inlet design are adopted to realize the rapid discharge of indoor dirty air outside without opening windows, and the natural balance of outdoor fresh air into the room after purification, forming the flow and exchange of indoor and outdoor air, and intelligent low-carbon to maintain the air quality of indoor space

five applications:

1. Apply air quality sensing device to control the operation of respiratory system, and intelligently monitor air quality all day

2. The cavity of the middle column profile of the window is used as the component of the respiratory system, which is beautiful without affecting the daylighting

3. Use low-voltage DC 12V as the power to ensure the safety of people and property

4. Apply electronic display technology to set air quality, regular work, controllable air inlet, temperature display, and the operation condition is clear at a glance

5. Apply air purification technology to realize buffering into the room after outdoor air purification

eight functions:

1. Set the air quality monitoring value, intelligently control the air quality around the clock, and complete the ventilation automatically

2. It is not affected by the climate, and it is ventilated in rainy and snowy days and windy and sandy days

3. Fresh air is buffered into the room to avoid the direct attack of wind and cold

4. Fresh air is added into the room after filtration and purification

5. One machine is used for two purposes, and the natural air inlet is controlled independently

6. It can prevent the occurrence of "decoration disease" and "air conditioning disease"

7. The operation process of the respiratory system can be seen at a glance on the electronic LCD

8. Effectively maintain good indoor air quality and improve a healthy space environment

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