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If you want to decorate it, it's easy and economical. The street guerrillas basically conform to the principle of economy. However, the street guerrillas dare not easily find them, for fear that they will not be guaranteed in the future; Looking for a regular and powerful home decoration company, the price is much more expensive than the guerrillas. Today I will teach you to avoid the trap of decoration guerrillas and pick a reliable decoration team

1. See more construction sites of different grades

see more construction sites; This site is not the designated site. It's all about high, middle and low-grade construction sites. Combine theory with practice. If you look at both good and bad, you can give your home's decoration grade (including quality grade and price grade) an accurate positioning

2. Surprise inspection

look at the construction site. This construction site is different from the previous one. It is the construction site of the foreman you are going to choose. It's better not to inform him in advance. How can the decoration save more money? On, free design budget quotation. I went to the construction site at 5 or 6 p.m. and then I could see the real construction situation

3. The construction site should be close to the decorated house.

the main construction site of the foreman is best around the house you want to decorate, and it is better if it is a community; This is also one of the factors that the foreman is willing to take over your family. Workers are paid in days. If half the time is spent on the road, the foreman will not lose a lot

4. Be careful in the selection of hydropower projects

as the degree of specialization of decoration is getting higher and higher, the profit points left to the decoration team are not much. If hydropower is also taken out and asked to be done by a professional company, the decoration team will only earn some hard money from demolition and renovation, laying tiles and other dragging work. Of course, the foreman is not willing to do such a job. However, hydropower is a concealed project, and the quality is indeed very important, so we should be careful about the choice

5. Details should be implemented

villains first, gentlemen later; Before commencement, try to implement every detail of the construction, such as payment method, construction project, process flow, selection of materials, etc., to avoid wrangling in decoration




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