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the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and there are more and more mosquitoes, so I thought of dealing with these annoying insects. Using mosquito repellent incense, electric mosquito repellent incense and insecticides is the way, but installing mosquito screen windows is a better choice, regardless of the effect, environmental protection or health

nowadays, there are many kinds of screen windows and screen doors in the market, such as anti-theft screen windows, pull-up and pull-down retraction screen windows, single door retraction screen doors, double door retraction screen doors, electric retraction screen windows, sliding door screen windows, folding screen windows, magnetic screen windows, etc. there are also many places to buy, including building materials supermarkets, screen window manufacturers, small stores near my home, etc. It sounds like there are many categories, but in fact, it is relatively simple. Single piece screen window is already traditional. The popular one is roller shutter screen window, which has features such as simple structure, convenient installation and operation, and easy maintenance. Whether it is pulled up and down, left and right, or window or door, it is called differently. Its principle is similar to roller shutter door. Within a frame, there is a window screen that is pulled up and down, left and right, or pulled from the middle, and there is a guide rail inside the frame. Katy's door and window editor will explain it to you

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first, look at the windproof: poke both sides of the gauze net with your hand, and the button windproof or hairbrush windproof can be poked out. The windproof effect is poor, especially the white hairbrush, which is free of money and cannot be used. The white hairbrush will be weathered in one or two summers, and it will be useless at that time; The lining windproof method of Beijing Jiuhua screen window and the brush + plastic hook method of imeda can well solve the windproof problem

second, look at the gauze net: the invisible screen window must use the glass fiber plastic coated fireproof gauze net. The glass fiber plastic coated gauze net is UV resistant, not pointing to its fire prevention, but pointing to its sun protection. Some unscrupulous merchants secretly change the concept, fooling the owners to choose polyester yarn and Taiwan SPL yarn for only one purpose - asking for more money. These two kinds of yarns have a good appearance, but they may be weathered and broken in one or two summers

third, look at the fixing method: 90% of the screen windows on the market are fixed with plastic clips, and the rails and yarn boxes are fixed with screws, but the base is directly clamped, The biggest hidden danger is that the plastic buckle fixing the base will soon be laid off under the double "torture" of stress and aging ", then your screen window will go on strike! Beijing Jiuhua screen window and Tianjin modern screen window skillfully cancel the base from the design, which saves your worries. A few manufacturers design to fix the base directly with screws, which can also solve the problem. If you don't nail directly on the base, it is recommended not to use it if you don't give you 3-5 buckles. Beijing Jiuhua screen window adopts the triple fixing method of acrylic double-sided tape + screws + neutral weather resistant sealant, yarn Don't move after the window is installed, a real master

IV. look at the sealing effect of the gauze box: 80% of the gauze box parts of the screen window in the market can only wear woolen tops on one side, and small manufacturers often don't wear them. In this way, when the screen window is pulled to the bottom, mosquitoes can enter the gauze box, and even climb indoors (so you can't get free gifts without woolen tops). Wool tops are introduced into both sides of the gauze screen in Beijing Jiuhua, blocking the passage of mosquitoes into the room

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