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Bohui No. 6 machine is converted to packaging paper again

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since the 15th of this month, Bohui No. 6 machine is converted to corrugated box paper again. 2. Precautions for the protection of steel strand experimental machine. As we all know, this machine is the corrugated paper production line with the widest width and the largest single machine capacity within the extended service life of the experimental machine. According to Zhongzhi (No.: zgzywwx), the full set of equipment for this paper machine production line is provided by Valmet. The paper machine has a net paper width of 9660mm and a design speed of 1600m/min. It was successfully put into operation in March 2019. Subsequently, affected by the fluctuation of international trade, the box board paper market was weak, but the cultural paper market had been growing steadily at that time. According to the market demand, the company quickly switched to cultural paper in September 2019, mainly producing double offset paper and a small amount of electrostatic copying paper, with a monthly output of about 25000 tons

this time, such a rapid switch to packaging paper is also based on the current situation that the cultural paper market is too depressed. Affected by the COVID-19, since March this year, the downstream demand of the paper industry has been sluggish, and the prices of various products and raw materials have decreased to varying degrees. In the face of the new situation, new changes and new demands, the prosperity of the paper industry has an obvious downward trend, especially the price of cultural paper has dropped significantly. Take the double offset paper as an example. From the average price of 6000/ton at the end of last year to the current average price of 4500/ton, it can be said that the double offset paper manufacturers are all producing at a loss. Although the current price of packaging paper industry is also declining, due to the rapid recovery of Internet, e-commerce and logistics, and the high demand and dependence of various industries on packaging paper, the impact of packaging paper is much smaller than that of cultural paper in the long run. Of course, if the market of cultural paper is better than that of wrapping paper again, I believe this machine can be switched over at any time. This huge paper machine that can flexibly and freely switch paper types is truly a "universal paper machine" and a benchmark in the current paper industry. The microcapsule method of paper machine refers to coating a layer of stable film on the surface of phase change material particles to form a composite phase change material platform with core-shell structure

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