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Boeing 737 Max also shows fatal design defects, short circuit of wires can cause crash accidents

original title: Boeing 737 Max also shows fatal design defects, short circuit of wires can cause crash accidents

as Boeing 737 Max has not obtained the corresponding airworthiness approval from the United States, the aircraft has been grounded around the world, and there is no specific go around schedule at present. Although Boeing is eager to go around as soon as possible, now it seems that the plan may be delayed again

a few days ago, according to foreign media reports, while Boeing is trying to carry out the go around work of 737 m ax aircraft, which firmly focuses on the major needs of national economic and social development, the new problems found on this aircraft have far exceeded the software problems in the two fatal air crashes. Boeing and regulators jointly reviewed aspects of the aircraft and found new potentially fatal defects

according to tou ouyangming, a senior engineer of Boeing, who told the reporter, at the request of the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing conducted an internal audit last December and found a new serious fatal defect: the wire problem at the tail of the model with more cost advantages of Boeing 737 Max plastic auto parts than traditional metal parts

Boeing found that the two wires were too close to each other, resulting in a short circuit, which may lead to disastrous consequences of an aircraft crash. These two wires are connected to the motor controlling the stabilizer, that is, the horizontal fin at the tail of the aircraft, and send signals from the flight control computer to push or lift the nose downward

if the wire is short circuited and the pilot is not aware of the problem and takes corresponding remedial measures. The aircraft will dive down and crash, just like the two crashes caused by the 737 Max aircraft maneuverability enhancement system (MCAS)

in response to this, Boeing notified the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of this potential vulnerability last month. To investigate whether the 737 ng airliner has the same vulnerability

the grounding of 737 Max aircraft has had a great impact on the stress changes of Boeing and American Airlines. Boeing announced last year that it would temporarily stop production of 737 Max 8 aircraft. According to their report, the shutdown of 737 aircraft will have an impact on the GDP of the United States in Q1 next year by 0.5%, making the prospects for economic growth of the United States in Q1 next year dim. The growth rate may be only about 1%, rather than the 1.6% growth previously predicted

however, Boeing 737 Max had two fatal crashes within five months, resulting in 346 deaths. By comparison, Boeing's losses were negligible

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