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Bochuang injection molding machine has been recognized by British customers

British plastic machinery sales company (PMS) has sold 12 Chinese Bochuang injection molding machines since June this year, with a maximum clamping force of 320 tons and a price of 72000 pounds

Alecfarrell, general manager of PMS, said that although people are still worried about the quality of Chinese design, there is no problem with Bochuang products. He told us that "some people will buy Porsche instead of Mondeo", but the equipment he sells not only has the high performance required by top molding enterprises, but also is very competitive in price, 40% cheaper than big brand machines

he added that the delivery time of the machine is also very short. According to the size of the machine, it usually takes days

farrell explained: "everyone's capital expenditure is very tight, and many of our customers are trying to read the display value to optimize production. Recently, purchasing the second device has become a new choice, but the market lacks machines with satisfactory quality and high power consumption, so the challenge is very serious."

"the quality of Bochuang machine is comparable to that of any machine on the market. The clamping force range is very suitable for the needs of modern production. It adopts advanced energy-saving technology and is supported by our 40 years' experience in shock test equipment in the UK market and high-level service."

he added: "the export growth of China's extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation. We not only provide professional consulting and provide new machines, but also take charge of all logistics. We can replace some of the old machines and ensure that the disruption to customers' production is minimized. All our service engineers are in the UK, and our employees have hundreds of years of industry experience."

"many of our customers are supplying the rapidly developing automobile industry, and the demand for capacity expansion is imminent. Therefore, it is an obvious advantage to deliver guaranteed new machines within a short delivery period."

the company has also recently acquired new customers including tier 1 and tier 2 automotive suppliers and transactional molders

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