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Boao Forum for Asia 2017: make "made in China" to the extreme

at present, made in China is making great strides towards China's intelligent manufacturing. Carrying forward the spirit of craftsman, cultivating craftsman culture, improving incentive mechanism, cultivating Chinese craftsmen and building Chinese brands have been officially written into this year's government work report. What is craftsman spirit? How to cultivate this spirit? At the Boao Forum for Asia 2017 annual meeting, there was a particularly heated discussion on craftsmanship: making manufacturing to the extreme

the spirit of being good at learning, being diligent in tackling key problems, and continuously pursuing excellence is the craftsman spirit. Chenwenqi, chairman of Weisheng Electronics Co., Ltd., defined it this way. If we do not seek improvement and innovation, we will not be able to compete with machines

aldofomagali, director of the washing business department of candy group in Italy, believes that craftsmen are not taught. Only through continuous exploration and self-cultivation can the quality of identical products be more excellent and lasting, and the craftsman spirit needs to be focused. For the inheritance, improvement and development of a skill, they are required to devote their whole life energy, and even the wisdom and energy of several generations

although college students now want to work in the office, we still need some talents. They understand the manufacturing process, are willing to work hard in the workshop, and know how to fine grind by hand. They don't just want to be senior engineers for project development. Michael fulby, chairman of the management executive board of TUV group in Germany, specially pointed out that for the production of small batch products and some sophisticated instruments and equipment, highly skilled craftsmen can not be replaced by robots

craftsman spirit is a value that puts the pursuit of quality at the core for a food industry like us or China's dairy industry. Luminfang, President of Mengniu Group, said that innovation is a very important part of the craftsman spirit. It provides a sustainable driving force for 2: the craftsman spirit of belt pulling machine product features. Make quality your core value, innovation your competitiveness, and take higher standards as a new normal. This may be a craftsman spirit worth considering for all consumer goods industries in China

Japanese landscape designer Junming Kono believes that the so-called craftsmen do not blindly pursue product functions. More and more enterprises are committed to the research and development of new environmental protection materials. They do not blindly pursue the reduction of production costs, nor do they pursue distinctive personality. Craftsmen should have ideas in addition to good skills. Thoughts reflect our way of life. To unify these, we regard it as the spirit of craftsman

Shan Jixiang, President of the Palace Museum, said that robots can not replace these connotations of craftsman spirit. Because without craftsmen, there would be no robots. Without R & D, it would be impossible Leverage ratio: 2:1 has better robot. However, it is impossible not to inherit. He pointedly pointed out that only by attaching importance to vocational education and sorting out and inheriting traditional culture from generation to generation can today's society respect craftsmen and craftsman spirit

the participants said that craftsmanship is not only a skill, but also a passion and dedication

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