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Research on BOM management of PDM system based on WINCHILL


according to different application scopes, information technology in manufacturing industry can be divided into four levels: single technology, department level, enterprise level and inter enterprise level. The scope of single technology is small. Generally, it is only used to solve a certain technical problem, such as CAX technology, MRP calculation, etc. Enterprise level information technology starts from the cooperative relationship and supply chain relationship between different enterprises to realize the informatization of the external environment of enterprises. Correspondingly, the application scope of BOM in enterprises also has four levels: BOM technology for single item information technology, BOM technology for department level information technology, BOM technology for enterprise level information technology and BOM technology for enterprise level information technology. With the development of virtual enterprise and dynamic alliance technology, BOM application between enterprises has become the focus of research. BOM is an important part of product digital data generation, processing, extension, control and management. At different stages of the product life cycle. Due to different product structure relationships, there are various BOMs, such as design BOM (Engineering bom:ebom), process bom and manufacturing BOM (manufacturing bom:mbom). At present, there is a lack of in-depth research on the relationship and changes between these BOMs and the relationship with other product data and processes; From the current situation and development trend of BOM research, there are urgent problems to be solved in BOM related research:

(1) BOM is an important part of researching the generation, processing, extension, control and management of product digital data. At different stages of the product life cycle, due to different product structure relationships, there are various BOMs, such as design BOMs, process BOMs, and manufacturing BOMs. At present, there is a lack of in-depth research on the relationship and changes between these BOMs and the relationship with other product data and processes

(2) manufacturing BOM is the key data in the production and operation management system. Its establishment method has always been manual, which separates the relationship between manufacturing BOM and other BOMs, product data and design process. It is urgent to solve the problem of manufacturing BOM construction in the integrated environment

in order to solve the above problems, we urgently need to establish a perfect data management platform. It can not only support the management of heterogeneous data, but also centrally manage all aspects of product information for retrieval and utilization; At the same time, it can ensure that the correct information is delivered to the right people in the right way at the right time. Windchill is a product of PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation), a famous American software company. It is the first enterprise level PDM system centered on the web. It brings the advantages of the web into product data management. Lucent, a famous telecom company, defines it as a standard PDM platform. It was rated as one of the top ten CPC projects by Aberdeen group. This article will be based on Windchill. Combined with the actual operation of a domestic enterprise, build a product data management platform

1 Windchill platform overview

on the whole, Windchill is a three-tier architecture with b/s (browsed server) mode: client, server and database. Figure 1 shows the architecture of an enterprise PDM system based on Windchill

Figure 1 Windchill's three-tier architecture

client mainly includes two: ① web browser, which acts as a user interface, executes the indchill applets applet after the power is turned on, and displays HTML pages and tables; ② Bootstrap client, an optional component of the client, allows downloading class files from the local file system. The server layer contains the main business logic and is responsible for processing all business data. It consists of the following components: http web server, HTTP gateway, method server, and server manager. These components together can play the role of database access, client distribution and interaction, user permissions and security mechanisms. The database layer is the place to store metadata and a large amount of unstructured data. The database can be a dedicated server or built on the Windchill server host

2 bill of materials (BOM)

bill of materials (bum) is a technical description document of product structure. It indicates the structural relationship between product components, sub parts, parts and raw materials, as well as the number of subordinate components required for each assembly. BOM is a tree structure called product structure tree. Generally, in MRPII and ERP systems, BOM refers to the relationship tree between materials. BOM can track and retrieve information from top to bottom or from bottom to top. The hierarchical relationship between these data can be used as the design basis of many functional modules

2.1 design BOM (EBOM)

ebom, also known as engineering BOM, is used by the product design department of an enterprise to organize and manage the BOM of parts and components required to form a product. Product designers design products according to customer requirements or design requirements. After the product design engineer completes the product design, the design BOM extracts relevant data from the design drawings, including product name, product structure, version and validity of parts and components, material list, material summary, product operation manual, etc

2.2 process bom

process bom is a BOM designed by the process engineer on the basis of EBOM according to the processing capacity of the factory. Pbom mainly completes the assembly process of parts and the processing process of self-made parts. When the routing of parts is changed, the corresponding BOM data of the manufacturing department, production scheduling department and purchase and supply department affected by the process bom will also change

the 21st century of process is the century of environmental protection. BOM needs to describe two aspects: ① redefined assembly relationship of parts, that is, the modification data of assembly relationship between process bom and design BOM; ② process document data of parts, that is, processing procedures, processing equipment, man hour quota, process lead time, production type and assembly process of parts. Among them, the redefined parts assembly relationship can be regarded as the "design BOM" of local parts of the product from the perspective of process. The newly added components in the process bom are called process intermediate components. You can query the process file data to determine whether the components are virtual components and outsourced components

3 BOM management model in PDM system

describes the general objectives of BOM as follows: 1 The natural attributes of parts and components, including product name, specification, UOM, material type, and other relevant product data. 2. assembly relationship and assembly quantity between parts. The main difference between design BOM and manufacturing BOM is that the description of assembly relationship between product parts is not unified. Manufacturing BOM is the BOM required by the manufacturing department. It can be generated from design BOM conversion. It is the most important and critical of all BOM conversion. BOM classification management in PDM system is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 BOM management model in PDM system

at present, PDM has developed into a dynamic BOM management system (such as Windchill), which adopts b/s architecture mode. The dynamic BOM management model is shown in the figure below. The bottom layer is heterogeneous distributed computer hardware environment, operating system, network and communication protocol, and database; The second layer is the infrastructure of PDM system; Secondly, the basic component-based functional components, including dynamic BOM management, product structure and configuration management, change management, BOM customization management, version management and other functions; The fourth layer is the enterprise application system, including CAD, CAPP, ERP and other application software. In the actual production process of an enterprise, the integration between systems is often many to many. Due to different fields and stages involved in product development, and different departments and users' access to information, PDM, which acts as an information integration platform, must have sufficient flexibility in BOM management and use, and have a certain "universality", so that it can be used in different products, different needs It is convenient to integrate information between systems in the case of heterogeneous data

pdm system mainly manages BOM based on product structure and configuration, integrates BOM with other enterprise application systems such as cad/cae, reconstructs from EBOM to MBOM, and manages BOM version management, change management and related documents

4 implementation of BOM management based on Windchill

taking the PDM implementation of Shanghai aircraft manufacturing plant (SAMF) as an example, BOM management is implemented on the PDM platform of Windchill. The main contents include: building the EBOM and MBOM structure tree of the whole machine on the PDM platform; The customization utility assists the reconstruction process from EBOM structure tree to MBOM structure tree; Realize automatic generation of MBOM structure report of the whole aircraft by sorties; Achieve effective MBOM structure and corresponding Ao, fo and other process documents filtered by sorties (i.e. management of BOM related documents); Automatically generate MBOM difference reports of different sorties; Automatically generate compliance check reports for EBOM and MBOM. Here, the implementation of BOM management in the SAMC PDM is illustrated by taking the building of EBOM and MBOM structure trees of the whole aircraft, the reconstruction process from EBOM structure tree to MBOM structure tree, and the automatic generation of MBOM difference reports for different sorties as examples

4.1 the first step of SAMF PDM data processing is to construct the EBOM and product structure tree on the SAMF PDM platform. Considering its data structure and the current transmission mode of engineering data, combined with the current MBOM table format in PDM and the production and process of SAMC, the PDM management model of SAMC BOM product structure tree is shown in Figure 3 on the PDM platform of SAMC Windchill

Figure 3 BOM structure tree management model in PDM

4.2 reconstruction from EBOM to MBOM

after receiving relevant engineering data, the process supervisor will distribute the data to each technician according to the station. The technician first determines how many assembly outlines (referred to as Ao, a doc format document) are under the station, and then starts to reconstruct the MBOM table from the EBOM table according to AO. Generally, one technician is responsible for one or several stations. After the reconstruction of the MBOM table of each station is completed, it will be consolidated and reviewed according to the station. After passing the review process, it will be shared on the CPC platform as a document

5 conclusion

BOM management in PDM based on Windchill is studied. BOM management is mainly based on product structure and configuration. The EBOM and MBOM structure tree models are implemented in the PDM system to realize the reconstruction from EBOM to MBOM, as well as the version management, change management and related document management of BOM. It greatly improves the production efficiency of products and shortens the production cycle of SAMF products

the author's Innovation: the EBOM and MBOM structure tree are implemented in the PDM system, and the reconstruction from EBOM to MBOM is realized. BOM management based on product structure and configuration is established and implemented in aircraft manufacturing industry, which has important reference significance for other manufacturing enterprises to realize BOM management

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