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Evaluation of the flagship model and price configuration of the new 8-series 8370cc electric rechargeable Braun razor

1. Charging time: this has to be followed up to evaluate the shaving power: shaving effect of the bar: the bar, alas, Philips is good at shaving speed: speed is also the appearance and workmanship of the bar: the handle of the bar is

2. The grip of the original 5-series and 8-series is indeed better, and the weight is lighter than the 5-series. The Chinese factor no longer supports it. Shaving is slightly better than the 5 series. It will be full after one hour of charging. The big beard has been used with Bolang, and shaving is really clean and comfortable

3. Shaving power: satisfactory charging time: satisfactory shaving effect: satisfactory shaving speed: satisfactory appearance and workmanship: satisfactory

turn to more user reviews for details of advantages and disadvantages. I hope it can help you choose reference

the other main chemical new material industry of potentiometer sensor 1 has always been an active field of scientific and technological innovation in Shandong. The main drawback is that it is easy to wear

2. Price quotation of the new 8370cc series 8 flagship model of Bolang razor:

electric rechargeable 8370cc series 8 flagship reciprocating men's water washing razor

[at the price] 1999.00 yuan


at present, this model has official promotional activities in tmall Bolang, Friends in need may wish to: check the latest activity quotation

III. Bolang 8370c lowers the piston for a certain distance C configuration parameters of the new 8 series flagship model:

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