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The Boeing 787 involved over US $6billion of orders from China. Many airlines said they would not cancel the orders. The Boeing 787 series aircraft, known as the "dream" aircraft, had a series of potential safety problems. Following the announcement by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on January 16 that the Boeing 787 aircraft in the United States would be grounded, many airlines also canceled the Dreamliner flights. "At present, there is no domestic company operating Boeing 787 series aircraft, so it will not have an impact on domestic civil aviation." An industry analyst, who declined to be named, said that the Boeing 787 aircraft is a new model, and problems are inevitable

it is understood that Air China, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and Xiamen Airlines have signed orders for 41 Boeing 787 Dreamliners with Boeing respectively. For a series of Boeing 787 accidents, the above analysts said that airlines can choose to cancel orders or replace new models. However, several companies said in the interview that they would not cancel the order for the time being

many companies will not cancel orders

the Boeing 787 is the first new civil aircraft developed by Boeing since 1995. It adopts four key technologies: new engine technology, light composite technology, more efficient integrated system technology and advanced starting technology

according to the media, oil is a non renewable scarce resource. The order of Boeing 787 in China is currently 41. Among them, Air China ordered 15, China Southern Airlines 10, Hainan Airlines 10 and Xiamen Airlines 6

according to the data, the price of Boeing aircraft is about US $150million, while the price of Boeing aircraft is about US $180million. It is conservatively estimated that the total orders for Boeing 787 aircraft in China may exceed US $6billion

according to the above analysts, the Boeing 787 may be delivered to HNA first this year, and China Southern Airlines will also deliver it this year. "It is very unlikely that these airlines will cancel their orders."

"the first Boeing 787 aircraft will be delivered in July 2014. At present, the company will not change the order quantity." Xiamen Airlines staff told. Regarding a series of failures of the Boeing 787, the staff member said that it was not convenient to comment, but believed that "as a new model, the Boeing 787 has made innovations in many aspects and is expected to be improved. In addition, Xiamen Airlines is not the first company to deliver aircraft, and the future will depend on the operation performance of other airlines' Boeing 787 servo systems"

HNA said: HNA takes ensuring operational safety as its business objective. At present, the FAA and Boeing have launched a joint assessment on the safety performance of 787 passenger aircraft, and HNA will continue to pay attention to the assessment process. In January, Chongqing granite encouraged, electrolytic aluminum, cement, chemical fertilizer and other excellent and strong enterprises to carry out merger and reorganization. On the afternoon of the 17th, some media said that the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a statement that, according to the Civil Aviation Law of the people's Republic of China, any aircraft must obtain an airworthiness certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China before entering China. At present, the airworthiness approval of Boeing 787 aircraft in China is still in progress. Boeing 787 series cannot be put into operation before CAAC issues the certificate

several foreign airlines suspended operations

on September 25, 2011, Boeing delivered the world's first Boeing 787 "dream" aircraft to All Nippon Airways (Japan). At present, 49 Boeing 787 aircraft are in operation in the world, distributed among 8 airlines, including All Nippon Airways, JAL, Air India, Ethiopian Airlines, Polish Airlines, Qatar Airlines, United Airlines and Chile national airlines

among them, Japan is the largest market for Boeing 787 aircraft. Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have a total of 24 such aircraft, accounting for about half of the number delivered for use

on January 16, after the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States announced that it had grounded its Boeing 787 aircraft, a number of airlines canceled their Dreamliner flights, including All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, United Airlines, Air India and Polish Airlines

however, the outside world still has confidence in the Boeing 787 aircraft. "Previously, there were many failures when the A380 was just put into operation, but after many adjustments, the current operation is very good, and the failure of the new model is inevitable." The above-mentioned analysts told Boeing that it had stated that it would investigate the matter and believed it would make adjustments

in this regard, cool airlines, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, said that it adheres to its Boeing dream airliner order and believes that Boeing will well solve its recent problems in focusing on the development of high-precision electronic copper tape/foil, low porosity copper powder and other materials; High precision aluminum strip and composite aluminum matrix material

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