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In recent years, China's economic growth has been slowing down, and real estate shopping malls in tier one and tier two cities and tier three and tier four cities have become both hot and cold. The strategy of small profits but quick turnover in the door and window industry has gradually reduced the competitiveness in the improvement of everyone's life quality and artistic appreciation. With small profits and quick turnover, the same style, no loud brand, and short features have led companies that rely on the sale of these products into a dilemma of saying whether they are big or small. How to surround in this environment is a puzzle for many small and medium-sized companies. So in such a fierce market competition, how should small and medium-sized door and window brand companies be surrounded

innovation skills improve the quality of goods

goods are dependent on shopping malls. Goods without shopping malls are consumables for the company to entertain themselves. Good products can greatly improve the core competitiveness of the company. In terms of skills, appropriate funds can be invested to develop skills innovation and improve the added value of commodity quality, brand, function positioning, intelligent integration and so on. In order to seek development in the environment of high-intensity competition, we must focus on the new needs of shopping malls, adjust production and operation planning, and constantly innovate skills and commodities

pay attention to details and improve service quality

improve service quality and put users first. Excellent quality and in place service can win the trust of users, stimulate new sources of customers and drive sales. Door and window profession is a typical service profession, which requires a lot of manpower to complete the communication with users and the processing of goods after the output of semi-finished products. The quality of goods, the time of delivery after processing, the quality control in the delivery process, and the after-sales service after delivery are all the keys to establish the brand appearance. The process service can be regarded as bringing more convenience to the management and more reassurance to the users

for the development of small and medium-sized companies, first of all, they should constantly check and fill vacancies. Secondly, they can find more powerful companies to cooperate, use their own advantages, contact the strength of capital and skills of other companies, pay attention to career trends from time to time, and open up larger shopping malls





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