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In April with frequent rainstorms, the rain never stops. Similarly, through the innate eyeball to watch the rain, some people look at the scenery, while others look at the flood

in April with frequent rainstorms, the rain is continuous. Similarly, through the innate eyeball to watch the rain, some people look at the scenery, while others look at the flood

in the final analysis, this is the problem brought by the environment

"flood level"

"flood level" is caused by the poor quality of home doors and windows, which is mainly determined by the sealing, compression resistance, wind resistance and water resistance of the following doors and windows

water tightness is an important indicator for selecting doors and windows. Good water tightness will not let rain leak even if it rains cats and dogs, and this water tightness is also a performance to prevent water vapor from entering

to prevent the "flood level" effect caused by rainwater leakage, it is necessary to select some well-known door and window brands, such as Ronggao door and window brand. In addition to quality accessories, it also has humanized design, which comes from the hands of craftsmen.

Ronggao aluminum alloy doors and windows have a unique ladder drainage section design. Considering the characteristics of the rainy season, it is equipped with 3A grade double-layer tempered insulating glass and desiccant to avoid the entry of water vapor and affect the effect.

"landscape level "

" scenic level "Your home is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is windproof and rainproof. There is no shocking thunder and lightning, rigorous watertightness, and comprehensive protection of the home! Watching the rain through the window is different from the beauty!

the rain scene on the high floor is very beautiful, but the wind howling needs strong pressure resistant doors and windows to resist, so as to have a clean land. Such rain embellishment is the enjoyment of life and natural closeness.

sealing strips, material structures, glass selection, etc. are the anti rain of the home Line, Ronggao doors and windows adopt imported car sealing strips, with strong storm resistance, coupled with the strong rhythm of rain, it is a gorgeous dance

slow down the pace of life, listen to the sound of rain, the delicate scene of rain, watch its changes and meditate on life. Use the minimalist design to decorate the moving rain scenery, the grand view and the great field of vision

through the boundless Ronggao narrow frame sliding door, the natural beauty is dancing. Wind, rain, flowers and grass are the protagonists of the landscape. What we lack is not the scenery, but the natural "passage" to see the scenery

good doors and windows give home scenery

poor quality doors and windows make a mess for the home

Ronggao doors and windows,

make the home beautiful everywhere




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