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Consumers should try their best to choose products provided by enterprises with advanced production mode and considerable investment scale

first, the domestic steel market continued to decline, rebounding by 50 yuan/ton; North China, South China and central and southern China are mainly stable. With the increase of project construction, inventories decline, and the foundation of price stability and rise is more solid; The situation of high price level in Southwest China was broken

, and the price was basically reduced to the price level before the explosion; The Northwest market is stable and rising. In general, the increase in demand, the reduction of market inventory, the narrowing of price differences across regions, and the stability of steel prices (some slightly increased factory prices) will play a positive role in the stability of market prices

medium board Market: most medium board market prices began to decline after only maintaining stability at the beginning of the month for a week,

the decline is still small. The East China market has been squeezed by the low-cost import of medium board and the shrinking market sales, and the market price has been at the lowest price in the country. The market price of 6mm in East China is about 3540-3600 yuan/ton, the price of 14-2

5mm medium plate is about 3250-3380 yuan/ton, and the price of medium plate in Wuxi is the lowest; In other regions, the price of 6mm medium-sized plate

is still maintained at the level of 3800 yuan/ton, and the resource shortage of thin gauge medium-sized plate is relatively tight. The market price of 14-25mm medium-sized plate

is basically between 3450-3700 yuan/ton, of which the highest performance in Chengdu is more than 3650 yuan/ton; The original situation that the market price gradually rose from the east to the West has changed into the situation that the price of the medium-sized board is led by East China and distributed in a basin shape. From the inventory analysis, except for the East China market, the inventory pressure in other markets is not large. The main factors leading to the current pressure are that the demand cannot be amplified due to high prices, poor market sales, coupled with the impact of imported medium plates, and the change of dealers' mentality, are the main factors causing the decline of market prices. However, the profit of medium plates in steel mills exceeds the normal level, especially compared with other common carbon products such as wire rod The price difference between rebar is still large. In the case of poor performance in the environment of large plate

, the decline in the price of medium plate has also become a logical thing

hot rolled coil Market: the market continues the trend of decline in March, and the market performance in this decline is getting more and more

chaotic, which shows that the market dealers and steel mills are unable to do anything about the current situation, and the market mentality has fallen to the trough

. The convening of the coil manufacturer coordination meeting on April 10 has little impact on the market, but some regions have increased the range of

decline in the market; The market price in the western region fell slightly, with the price of 3.0mm above 3000 yuan/ton. East China

market continues to lead the downward trend of hot rolling market. The price in Shanghai and Wuxi has fallen to about 2800-2850 yuan

/ton. From the beginning of March to now, the market price has fallen sharply. East China Shanghai is the fuse, and a large number of imported coils have arrived in a centralized manner, which has affected the supply-demand relationship in some regions and time, coupled with the rejection of the current high price by the downstream industry, Due to the panic of dealers and other reasons, the price plummeted, and the price fell by 700 yuan/ton in 50 days. Under the spread of this situation, although other mainland inventories were small, they also fell rapidly under the influence of "looking at the plate Market in

East China". The ex factory price of domestic coil manufacturers was seriously inversely linked to the market price. Although some manufacturers had issued hedging policies, the inversion was slightly small, However, the sharp decline of market price in a short time will leave a heavy mark on the later trend of market price, especially people's psychology

II. Market performance in key domestic markets:

North China: affected by demand, East China market and imported resources, market prices have fallen sharply. The market price of Beijing

3.0mm coiled plate fell from 3100 yuan/ton to 2900-2950 yuan/ton, the market price in Tianjin fell to 288

0-2920 yuan/ton, and the price in Shijiazhuang fell to about 3000 yuan/ton. Coil inventory in North China market is at a low level. The trading volume of the China

board market is small and the market is deserted. The market price of 6mm medium plate in Beijing is 3800 yuan/ton, and the price of 12-25mm medium plate is 3550-3600 yuan/ton, with a decline of 30 yuan/ton; The market price of 6mm medium plate produced by Tiangang in Tianjin market is 3800 yuan

/ton, 20mm medium plate is about 3450-3480 yuan/ton, and the price of 14-25mm medium plate in Shijiazhuang market is 3550-3600 yuan

/ton. The building materials market is stable. Due to the gradual increase of project construction, the wire drawing price rises, and the inventory decreases. The price is stable. Beijing normal line is 2550-2570 yuan/ton, high-speed line is 2580-2600 yuan/ton, the market price of large thread steel is about 2

640-2670 yuan/ton, Tianjin normal line is 2570-2590 yuan/ton, high-speed line is 2620-2640 yuan/

ton, large thread is 2650-2670 yuan/ton, Shijiazhuang market price is stable, high-speed line is 2620-2630 yuan/ton

, large thread is 2670-2700 yuan/ton

East China: the hot coil market continued to decline, but the price decline gradually decreased in mid April. The high number of imports and the Countermeasures of domestic steel mills led to a serious imbalance in the market mentality. The price of 3.0mm*125

0 * C roll has fallen from the highest 3550-3600 yuan/ton to about 2800-2850 yuan/ton, with a range of about 700 yuan

/ton. The market price in Wuxi has also basically fallen to this level. The market price in Nanjing is slightly higher, at about 2850-2900 yuan

/ton. The market price of medium plate is at the lowest price in China, and the joint effect of thin plate is obvious. The price difference between thin specification and thick specification

medium plate is narrowed. The price of 14-25mm medium plate in Shanghai market is 3330-3360 yuan/ton, and the price of 14-25mm medium plate in Wuxi Market is lower. The price of 14-25mm medium plate has fallen to about 3250 yuan/ton. Due to the small inventory in Nanjing market, the price is slightly higher, and the price of 14-25mm medium plate is 3350-3380 yuan/ton. Dealers lack confidence in the future market and dare not purchase. Under the steady and active operation strategy of dealers, the price in the overall building materials market in East China rebounded by 30-50 yuan/ton. Of course, the price rebound has a lot to do with the obvious decline of the inventory in the construction materials market, which will have a positive impact on the stable development of the national building materials market. The market price of deformed steel bar in Shanghai rose to about 2500-2550 yuan/ton, and the market price of high-speed wire rod basically remained unchanged,

was about 2600-2620 yuan/ton, and that of common wire rod was about 2550-2570 yuan/ton. The price of Nanjing wire rod rebar is stable,

the inventory is not large, about 20000 tons, the price of large rebar is about 2570-2600 yuan/ton, the price of high-speed wire rod is about 2630-2660 yuan

/ton, and the price of common wire rod is about 2600-2620 yuan/ton. The maintenance of high-speed wire rod of Nanjing Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. is one month, and the new high-speed

line of Masteel needs to reach production, so the stability of wire rod is enhanced

central and southern China: influenced by the Zhengzhou coil Market in the East China market, the pace of price decline has not stopped for a moment. The market price of 3.0mm is 2930-2970 yuan/ton, and dealers have a strong cash out mentality; Guangzhou coil market is basically synchronized with East China. Imported resources have a serious impact on the market, and the market inventory is much higher than that of the same period. The market price of 3.0mm hot rolled coil is 2870-2920 yuan/ton. The medium board market is much more stable, but the market confidence is insufficient. The transaction price of Guangzhou 14-

20mm medium board market is 3500-3550 yuan/ton, and Zhengzhou 14-25mm 3550-3600 yuan/ton. Building materials are stable

, with Zhengzhou rebar market rising slightly driven by the price rise of Anyang steel. Zhengzhou market has a good delivery, and the inventory has decreased. The price of large screw thread steel is 2560-2580 yuan/ton, the high-speed wire market is about 2580-2600 yuan/ton, and the price of general wire market is about 2560 yuan/ton. The market price of building materials in Guangzhou is stable, and the original market rumors about the possibility of centralized delivery have not been found. The transaction price of general line market is about 2680 yuan/ton, the price of high-speed wire is about 2700-2730 yuan/ton,

the market price of 16-25mm large thread of Tangshan Iron and steel is about 2780 yuan/ton, and the price of Shaoguan Iron and steel is high. The bar production line of Shaoguan Iron and steel is ready for overhaul in May, which will play a positive role in the stability of the market

western region: the market price of coiled plate has declined, but it is much higher than that in the middle and central regions, and the inventory is small. The influence of card steel is not small. The price of 3.0mm in Chengdu is about 3300 yuan/ton, and the market price of 3.0mm in Xi'an is declining, and the market price of 3.0mm is about 3100-3150 yuan/ton; Lanzhou 3-6mm lower differential plate is about 3100-3150 yuan/ton. The medium plate market is stable, but the downstream industry is obviously on the sidelines, and the price may decline at any time. The market price of Xi'an 14-20mm medium plate is

3520-3550 yuan/ton. Lanzhou market resources are monopolized by Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., but the price begins to decline due to the impact of the general environment. The market price of 1

4-25mm medium plate is 3570-3600 yuan/ton. The price of medium-sized board in Chengdu market has declined steadily, and the price of 14-25mm medium

board is 3650-3700 yuan/ton. The performance of building materials market is different. Xi'an market is stable after rising in the early stage. Due to the flow of resources to the southwest, the inventory in Lanzhou market has been greatly reduced and the price has increased. The large rise in Chengdu and Chongqing in the middle and late March has disappeared, the inventory has increased, and the steel mills have a significant incentive to suppress the price and maintain a reasonable price. The market price of Xi'an high line

is 2700-2720 yuan/ton, the market price of 16-25mm deformed steel bar is about 2630-2650 yuan/ton, the price of Lanzhou construction

materials has increased significantly, the market price of general line is 2600 yuan/ton, the market price of high line is about 2640 yuan/ton

, and the market price of 18-20mm deformed steel bar is 2660-2680 yuan/ton, with an increase range of about 30-50 yuan/ton

III. post analysis:

1. International market: 1) international economic environment. The economic growth rate of major developed countries and regions in the world will be lower than the original estimate, and only a few countries such as China will grow faster than the forecast in September last year

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) said in the world economic outlook report just released that this year's report

said that the growth rate of the U.S. economy this year is expected to be 2.2%, lower than last year's 2.4%, and 0.4 percentage points lower than last autumn's forecast

. The main problem facing the U.S. economy at present is that the war launched by the United States against Iraq has brought many uncertainties. In addition, the U.S. economy is also facing problems such as the weak labor market, low investment confidence, the decline in household

assets and the weakening support of personal spending for economic growth. The economic growth of the eurozone, especially Germany, in the second half of last year was disappointing, and the prospects for economic recovery this year are still not optimistic. It is estimated that the growth rate of the eurozone this year is only 1.1%, 1.2 percentage points lower than the forecast in September last year. At present, the main difficulties faced by the eurozone, in addition to the lack of investment confidence, the sluggish consumer demand will continue to lead to the sluggish pace of economic recovery. The prices of goods and services in Japan have fallen for four consecutive years, a situation that has not occurred in industrialized countries in half a century

The gloomy economic outlook urgently requires the Japanese government to take measures to reverse deflation. It is estimated that Japan's economic growth rate this year is only 0.8%, 0.3 percentage points lower than the original estimate. The report pointed out that last year, the economic growth of Asia except Japan was impressive, with a growth rate of more than 6%. It is expected that the growth rate of this year and next will still be as high as 6.3% and 6.5%. The growth rate of China was 7.5% in both years, higher than the original estimate

however, one of the important pillars of Asian economic growth is exports, so the slowdown in global economic growth than expected will be beneficial to Asian countries




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