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Nowadays, many people choose to put another small independent room in the bathroom with a small area, which is the very popular independent shower room at present

nowadays, many people choose to put another small independent room in the bathroom with a small area, which is the very popular independent shower room at present. The shower room conquered people so quickly and occupied the main space of the bathroom, which made people who used it praise this kind of independent shower room. No wonder some people say that there can be no bathtub in the bathroom, but there can be no fully functional shower room

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independent Bathing Concept of multiple integration

the so-called independent shower room is simply an independent and movable shower room. In the past, people often simply built a small brick wall on the floor of the bathroom to make a corner a bathing place, or separated a bathing area in the bathroom with a glass door, or simply installed a bathtub, soaking or standing bath, but these methods have their shortcomings. The movable shower room with independent functions now provides a convenient bath solution for modern people

now, the shower room has a delicate appearance and a modern sense. The increasingly diversified shower rooms show a variety of styles, some of which are purely made of glass, with a transparent sense of space in their simplicity; Some are made of specially treated wood grain plastic board, which reveals the natural flavor in the original. With the increasing requirements of people for bathing, the independent shower room also provides a wide range of functional options. Like the multi-functional computer shower room integrating hydraulic massage, steam and sauna, it makes the shower room intelligent. The equipped remote control can also set the shower program of the shower room freely, making bathing a real star enjoyment

the safety of the shower room is very important. When shopping, don't just consider whether the appearance design or functions of the shower room are complete. It's best to put safety first and think about whether family members can feel convenient and practical when using it every day. For example, it's best not to buy shower rooms with too high thresholds, so as to prevent the floor of the shower room from slipping and accidentally falling down; Those shower rooms with multiple functions but complicated operation are not suitable for the elderly and children. It is best to consider whether their operation is convenient

since most shower rooms are made of glass, shower rooms made of toughened glass with good strength must be selected from the perspective of safety and durability. In addition, it is best to ask the manufacturer to provide professionals for door-to-door installation after purchase to avoid damage caused by improper installation

take care of it carefully and keep it bright and clean

as the shower room is a relatively closed and narrow space, its cleaning cannot be underestimated, especially the care of those hardware small parts in the shower room is as important as the overall cleaning of the shower room

the main body of the shower room is mostly made of tempered glass. The long-term erosion of various alkaline bath water will cause yellow scale to adhere to the glass of the shower room. When cleaning, you can spray special glass cleaner, and then wipe it with a dry cloth to make it bright as new. For the hardware small parts connecting all parts of the shower room, do not use any detergent to clean, so as to avoid corrosion and affect the service life. The simplest way is to wipe the dust and dirt with a dry cloth every week to keep it clean

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