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It is understood that aluminum alloy doors and windows are experiencing a rich promotion. I believe the following three changes will bring many surprises to people. Now let's learn about the three changes experienced by aluminum alloy doors and windows

technological change

electrophoresis and spraying replace traditional oxidation and painting. Traditional aluminum surface treatment is mainly based on oxidation and painting, with monotonous color and rough appearance. With the latest electrophoresis and spraying technology, the surface maintenance layer has stronger adhesion, the paint film is not easy to fall, and the environmental protection and decoration are better. Especially, the electrophoresis technology has the advantages of double-layer maintenance, strong metal texture and more decoration

technological upgrading is a major change in aluminum alloy doors and windows. Spraying can be divided into monochrome spraying and colorful spraying according to color. The spraying materials include powder coating, fluorocarbon polymer resin coating, etc., which are characterized by a variety of patterns, but the wear resistance and scratch resistance are not as good as electrophoresis

change of function

break the traditional casement window, generally push and pull the window, and become more humanized in function. New aluminum alloy doors and windows add more methods on the basis of traditional casement windows and general sliding windows

to raise the sliding door, the door leaf is lifted up and fixed through a special door panel. No matter where the door is pushed, it is not easy to shift and deviate. This kind of door has strong bearing capacity and is convenient to clean the track. It is more suitable for balcony doors of large hotels and villas. The sliding door with side opening function is added on the basis of the original sliding door. The upper end of this kind of door and window can deviate 30 degrees from the structure to the outside. The biggest advantage of this kind of door and window is to avoid the door and window formed by external force from falling, which is suitable for ordinary families

changes in patterns

aluminum alloy doors and windows have become the mainstream of the market in terms of appearance color, romantic champagne color, colorful wood grain spraying, etc., and aluminum wood doors and windows are more popular with fashionable household people. Colorful wood grain lacquered aluminum alloy doors and windows are also popular fashion goods this year. Colorful wood grain paint doors and windows with rich and varied patterns, lined with elegant and beautiful glass doors, make the originally cold and rigid "face" become beautiful

the doors and windows of composite aluminum wood structure are made of "aluminum + wood". One side is a smooth and delicate aluminum door frame, and the other side is a noble and warm wooden door frame. Wood and aluminum are perfectly connected. It adopts the method of two-layer splicing. The outside is aluminum alloy, the inside is pure wood door, and the center is added with heat insulation board, which can not only resist the cold and hot air outside, but also prevent fire. It is mostly used in villas, high-end duplex residences, and star hotels





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