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During the secondary decoration of the house, the transformation of the ceiling and ground is also one of the key projects. In particular, can those expensive shapes and floors be preserved

during the secondary decoration of the house, the transformation of the ceiling and ground is also one of the key projects. In particular, can those expensive shapes and floors be preserved

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most of the original ceilings are removed

in secondary decoration, the original ceiling decoration is generally removed, such as lamp pool, modeling ceiling, gypsum line, hanging mirror line, grille, plastic gusset plate and aluminum gusset plate ceiling in kitchen and bathroom, etc; In the decoration design, the designer will generally advise the customer to remove the original ceiling. The main reason is that the original ceiling shape and the style and surface decoration materials embodied have become obsolete; In addition, due to the aging of materials, it is impossible to continue the transformation and construction on the basis of the original ceiling

therefore, it is necessary to remove it in terms of safety and material service life

precautions for removal

1 When removing the original ceiling decoration, attention should be paid to removing it as clean as possible, and the original ceiling decoration structure should not be retained. In particular, the suspenders, hangers and other structures bearing the weight of the ceiling in the original ceiling must be removed, which is mainly from the perspective of future safety

2. The power supply should be cut off before removal. The original circuit pipeline in the ceiling should be removed as much as possible, and it should not be considered to continue to use, because the original circuit in the ceiling has basically no use value

3. The safety of equipment and facilities in the original ceiling should be considered during demolition. Many old houses in the last century have heating pipelines in the ceiling, and some houses have central air conditioning systems. It is necessary to avoid damaging pipelines and equipment due to carelessness during demolition

4. When removing the original ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom, avoid damaging the ventilation duct and flue

redesign safety priority

unlike the new house, the design of the secondary reconstruction house should give priority to the safety of the ceiling. In particular, the original building structure of some old houses with a service life of more than 15 years has begun to age. In addition, during the construction of the original ceiling, many holes were punched on the top surface due to the requirements of the hanging structure, which reduced the local bearing capacity

secondly, attention should be paid to the impact of ceiling renovation on indoor light sources. Multi level and multi-functional lighting is an important part of enriching ceiling decoration art and facilitating life. The height of the ceiling should be moderate, which will change the natural lighting of the interior and have an impact on the wall decoration, especially the soft decoration in the future

the echoing relationship between the ceiling and the ground must also be paid attention to. Some living functions are divided by the ground. When the ground function and the ceiling are asymmetric, it will affect the placement of furniture and other furnishings in the future, and in serious cases, it will affect the realization of living functions in the future





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