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The paper cutter is changed into a computer program-controlled paper cutter to change the old cutter into a new one. Jiamusi Jiafeng printing factory is mainly engaged in printing business, mainly printing various trademarks. Whether it is copy paper or trademark, there are strict requirements in size and specification. The forward, backward, positioning and other operations of the old paper cutter pusher need to be manually adjusted. Not only is the production efficiency low, but also the consistency of cutting out the paper that actually implements the de capacity task is not good, which is prone to "frame size" error. To solve the above problems, a computer program-controlled paper cutter can be used. Although the program-controlled paper cutter has the advantages of accuracy and rapidity, its price is also high. Generally, the price of domestic program-controlled paper cutter is more than 100000 yuan, while the price of imported program-controlled paper cutter is hundreds of thousands yuan, which is difficult for ordinary enterprises to bear. Therefore, we have been looking for a method that can not only save money, but also improve the cutting accuracy

just then, an advertisement in printing technology attracted us. The advertisement introduces a method of changing the old mechanical paper cutter into a computer program-controlled paper cutter, claiming that the problem of "frame size" caused by mechanical wear of the paper cutter can be eliminated after the transformation. We immediately found the company of Mudanjiang exquisite color printing technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing according to the address on the advertisement

at our request, they transformed the 1300mm ordinary mechanical paper cutter made in Shanghai by Jiafeng printing factory and 1250mm ordinary mechanical paper cutter made in Changchun by Dongfeng paper mill. With the active cooperation of our factory personnel, the installation and commissioning were completed in only one day, and the commissioning was carried out on the same day. The modified computer program-controlled knife has a large screen display and Chinese operation instructions. 10. Maximum experimental space: 600mm (including collet), which is very easy to learn

after paper cutting, use a dial indicator to measure, and the repeated calibration error is 0.015mm, which greatly improves the paper cutting efficiency. The paper cutter said happily, "I used to feel dizzy after cutting paper for a day. Now, I don't have to remember anything, just move the paper and press the button. It's much easier!"

the transformation effect is very good. It only costs 20000 yuan to realize the good composite of carbon nano dots and MOF materials. At present, the modified program-controlled paper cutter has been running for several months. When several new blades are replaced every day, there has been no delay in production due to the failure of the program-controlled system. We finally have our own program-controlled paper cutter, which greatly reduces the scrap rate, greatly improves the efficiency and product quality, and enhances our market competitiveness. Manufacturers with ordinary paper cutting knives may also try to transform your old paper cutting knives when they are troubled. Maybe the old knives will be changed into new ones, which will make you happy

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