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Singapore paper continued to fine tune the price of Huangpu fuel oil market, and the price of Singapore paper continued to fine tune slightly on Monday (October 29), and the price of some importers in Huangpu market increased. The benchmark Singapore high sulfur 180CST, the transaction price was raised by 10 yuan again, the transfer price was raised to yuan/ton, and the Kuti price was raised to yuan/ton

Huangpu spot transaction, 180CST imported from Singapore, no lightering quotation; The quotation of some importers for picking up goods in the warehouse was raised by yuan to the level of yuan/ton; Today, the bid price of individual buyers was increased by 10 yuan, at the level of yuan/ton. The highest bid price/lowest quotation is 3660/3950 yuan/ton respectively, and the bid ask price difference is 290 yuan/ton

last Friday, the price of crude oil futures continued to rise. As of the closing, it rose sharply by $1.40 to $91.86/barrel, approaching $92. At present, crude oil futures are still rising. Today, in November, the price of paper goods was slightly adjusted to reach the level of $502. 180 aspects of import: today, the quotation of some importers increased by yuan/ton, to the level that the cost of such products is too expensive yuan/ton. Sinochem's quotation of 180CST imported from Guangdong UAE continues to be slightly adjusted by 20 yuan/ton to 4020 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is preferential

refinery: at present, the price of residual oil is at the level of yuan/ton. The manufacturer says that the sales situation is general, most of them are contract users, and the unit is basically in normal operation. Today, most refineries still haven't started to quote, so they take a wait-and-see attitude towards the future market. According to the person in the factory, "the current oil price is too high, it is not good to quote, so we can only wait.". So far, about 700000 tons of goods have arrived in the Huangpu market. Compared with the strong support of coke price, the quantity of goods arrived last month is still decreasing

influencing factors and trend: the cylinder automatically presses the test sample downward, and the pressurizing machine automatically operates after 5 seconds. Pressurization analysis: the future market of crude oil will still be in a strong stage. According to the analysis of the industry, with the development of computer technology, even though Singapore's paper goods still show an upward trend, due to the sluggish demand in the downstream market, there is limited room for Huangpu's market quotation to rise sharply again

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